BRAIN - Brain-computer interfaces with Rapid Automated Interfaces for Nonexperts

BRAIN (ICT-2007-224156)

BCIs with Rapid Automated Interfaces for Nonexperts (BRAIN) aims to develop Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) into practical assistive and ICT tools to enhance inclusion for a range of different disabled users.
Many of these people would otherwise have little or no opportunity to interact with loved ones, carers, home appliances and assistive devices, or personal computer and internet technologies.
BRAIN improves BCI reliability, flexibility, usability, and accessibility while minimizing dependence on outside help. These improvements entails upgrades to all four components of a BCI system - signal acquisition, operating protocol, signal translation, and application.

Prof. Dr  Axel Gräser
Institute of Automation
University Bremen
Otto-Hahn-Allee 1
28359 Bremen, Germany